Like other Québec farm families, the founders of Aïeux Sweets grew up with the smell of maple syrup. Guylaine Léveillé and Guy Breault bought the ancestral sugar shack in 1988. From that starting point came the idea of making the gold liquid available to everyone in different forms while maintaining a high quality of maple products.


In September 2017, it was the next generation’s turn to prove themselves. Believing in what Guylaine and Guy had started, Valérie Bergeron and Guillaume Breault have made it their duty to carry on the family tradition with as much passion as Guillaume’s parents.


While it’s true that much has changed since 1988, some things have stayed the same: the quality of the products as well as the traditional meticulous methods for transforming maple syrup.

Legend of the Sap

When winter wraps Québec in a blanket of snow,


the Sap Princess sits numb in maple veins.


At last, when the Sun comes back for Algonquin spring,


the sap awakens and slips through the bark to put on its golden dress.


Then, it’s the palate festival.


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