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Les Sucreries des Aïeux

Les Sucreries des Aïeux produces and transforms maple syrup. With deep roots in the Lanaudière region, the family business produces maple products using the long-standing craft traditions of Québec.


Les Sucreries des Aïeux has been producing its own maple syrup since 1988. It has even been certified organic by Ecocert Canada since spring 2017.

Our mission

Recognized as a producer of high-quality maple products, our goal is to spread the word about maple syrup in all its forms.

The family business is committed to offering superior maple products, so you can enjoy the real flavour of maple syrup the way our ancestors did.

  • Pure maple taffy

    Maple taffy is another pure product. Eaten on snow or directly from a spoon, it will bring back childhood memories.

  • Granulated maple sugar

    Granulated maple sugar is a possible substitute for white or brown sugar.

  • Soft maple sugar

    Soft maple sugar has a fine crystallization which allows it to be melted while keeping its form. It’s the owner’s favourite!

  • Hard maple sugar

    Hard maple sugar, is a block of sugar for grating. There’s nothing better for those who love the crunchy texture.

  • Pure maple syrup

    Maple syrup is a traditional food in Québec cuisine. With its many nuances, it can be part of a majority of recipes.

  • Maple jelly

    Less well known, maple jelly is great for spreading on pancakes, toast, and pastries. It’s also excellent on fresh fruit as well as cheese.

  • Maple cones

    Maple cones are made with pure taffy and covered with pure maple butter. Young and old love them.

  • Maple butter chocolate

    Our maple butter chocolates are made of pure Belgian chocolate with a dab of pure maple butter. The mix of flavours will delight anyone who appreciates the finesse of the two together.

  • Maple caramel

    Maple caramel is delicious on fresh fruit, ice cream, or a big slice of cake.

  • Clear maple candy

    Clear maple candy always brings joy to the tastebuds. The flavour of the maple lasts from beginning to end charming those around the table.

  • Pure maple candy

    Pure maple candy or soft candy is a treat that melts in your mouth with an explosion of flavour for your palate leaving a smooth aftertaste.

  • Pure maple cream

    Maple butter has a smooth texture that makes it perfect for spreading on toast or any kind of dessert.



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